308 crankshaft

I have been looking through the manual for the 55, 308 engine. Does anyone bother with trying to actually fit bearings to the crankshaft or they just put them in?

I've been reading through the manual and it says that they are actually fitted to the crank journals and rod journals. Is this actually correct? I'd like more information on this.

I'm actually an engine mechanic, a trained engine mechanic and I'm thinking about taking the time to do all of this correctly and fit each bearing to the crankshaft. What does anyone think about this.


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    My understanding of the HUDSON engines is that each insert bearing was fitted to the crankshaft and rods when the engine was assembled. Sizing results are stamped into the block to indicate the original under or oversize of the bearings used on that journal surface. As you state, you are a trained engine mechanic so this leads me to conclude you also realize engine bearings will wear and the wear might be uneven on the rod and crank bearing surfaces. If I am correct in the aforementioned statements, then when you overhaul or rebuild your engine the bearing surfaces will be checked and those whose insert bearings are out of tolerance are replaced. Some will do this with individual bearings that address clearance for each journal, or machine the rod and crank journals so all rod and crank journal surfaces have the same clearance. After this has occurred bearings meeting the new clearance are installed.

    When I was starting my Hudson journey, Bernie Siegfried was kind enough to share his techniques for shining the backs of insert-bearing shells. My earliest Hudson engine fixes were accomplished with shims under Bernie's tutelage.

    Good Luck with your investigation of the methods used by Hudson Factory engine technicians.

  • All indications show that this was an extremely low mileage engine. It sat so long that it rusted up the cylinders. If I'm lucky, the crankshaft will only need a good polishing, then I'll determine the true side of the journals