1937 battery size and group

I am restoring a 1937 Terraplane pickup. I found two battery hold downs. One is for a 7 x 9 battery and the other is for a 7 x 10. Which one is correct and what group size is it? The shop manual says 7.25 x 10.563. I am completely confused. Thanks in advance for the replies.


  • Jon B
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    It's a group 2 battery:

    Length: 10.37"

    Width: 6.87"

    Height: 8.75" (I believe this includes post height)

    Still offered as a lead / acid battery by several manufacturers. I myself have used Duracell SLi2, 6 volt (675 cold cranking amps) sold by Batteries Plus, lists for $104.99 (refundable $22 core deposit). Usually not in stock, may take a couple of days to order it in. You can hope for 5 years service from this battery. The actual battery manufacturer is DEKA, out of Pennsylvania. The Optima gel battery will give you a much longer life, but it costs $250 and you'll have to wedge it in place since it's much smaller than the standard Group 2.

    When shopping, look the highest CCA rating you can get. As you probably know, six volt battery cables are much thicker than 12-volt (they should be almost 3/4" in diameter)