Groovy! (Cylinder head update)

GrimGreaser Senior Contributor

Been a long time coming, but finally have the o-rings in the cylinder head.

.038" groove, .035" deep, letting the .041" stainless wire protrude by .006". According to SCE Gaskets this should be enough to keep things sealed up using one of their copper head gaskets.

Look to get it back together this weekend.

Here we are cutting:

Shootin' the gaps:

Working the wire in:

Happy to provide any help for those interested. SCE will custom cut gaskets if need be. Don't have a price yet, but the gaskets start at ~$100 depending on thickness, and they just have a minimum of 2 for custom.


  • I really need to do this on my race car, but I have altered the shape of the combustion chambers, so the groove for my application would be a one-off, just like my modified SCE head gasket.