WANTED : Starter for 1927 2nd series Essex 6.

Im near denver and can travel within a couple hundred miles. may also fly to you if theres a cool car museum nearby! Looking for usable/rebuildable starter for 153 CU in Splasher 6. Could also use autolite starter from later models. let me know where you are. Its the last major thing i need for my project.

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  • Jay_G
    Jay_G Expert Adviser

    There is a 29 starter on eBay which looks identical to my 28 starters which will work on your late 27. But he wants too much money for it in an untested condition. I have 2 starters in at the rebuilder now but he is telling me one has a marginal bendix unit. If you really need one I will ask him if he thinks it is useable. But he is not cheap, but his starters and generators do work and he stands behind his work. Probably going to be $600+ or so for the rebuilt starter if it is bendix is usable.