Finding Parts for a 1927

Hey team, trying to find a radiator cap and a fuel tank lid for my 1927 Essex Six, are there reproductions made for these or does anyone have one? In New Zealand


  • Jon B
    Jon B Administrator

    Could you provide a photo and a couple dimensions?

    It's possible that someone has one of these in a pile of Hudson parts, but doesn't realize that it's for a '27.

  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor

    Radiator cap is a Motor-Meter type, and fuel cap is threaded for 1927. I have a flying man radiator cap available, which was specifically for 1928, but will fit 27-29 models. Model A Ford caps will fit both radiator and fuel if you want to go this way, and available new.

  • Hans
    Hans Senior Contributor

    /I hope the pictures are visible. 1927 Rad cap. From my car, hope it helps you find one.

    I tried to send to your email too.