Condenser compatibility

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My car takes an IGW 3025A condenser. I thought I had a spare but it's a IGW 3128A. Best I can tell that is a Packard condenser. Would that be ok in my Hudson? Or does anyone have a 3025A they would sell?


  • lostmind
    lostmind Expert Adviser

    I have these condensers for sale

    Check out the discussions on fitment

    New Autolite condensers-IGB1025SJ - 1935-39 Hudson and Terraplane — HET Club Open Forum

  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor

    Condensors don't care what car they are on. All condensers should be within the .18 to .22 uf range.

  • Val
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    Thank you Geof.

  • eddiehudson
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    You have to use a condenser made for an Autolite system. Ones for Ford or Delco will pit your points. You can use any Autolite style but the problem is how and where it gets mounted. Original style is easiest to install and of course it will look correct.

  • Val
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    I have ordered Autolite condensers NOS. They are the original style

  • Condition and quality are probably more important than brand. Vintage NOS condensors could last forever....however sometimes the insulation or wrapping inside begins to break down and they fail. New ones can be just fine, but are more cheaply made. I don't trust any of them to be good just because they have not yet been installed. So test first.