36 B pillar leaks

The top of the B pillar on my 36 sedan isn’t sealed to the body/roof line at the top. The weatherstripping around each door stops at either side of the pillar and leaves a gap at the top. Water has been getting in there and the inside of the pillar behind the trim is heavily rusted. The wood support trim inside the pillar is also rotten at the bottom. Was there never any type of weather seal around this? Seems like if I rebuild following the factory setup I can never wash the car or drive in the rain without this happening again. Is there supposed to be vertical weatherstripping where the doors close against the pillar? I don’t see any evidence.


  • Looks like the lead in the gap is certainly missing. It should be sealed. I don't have rubbers around the door but I have a felt strip running down the pillar on the inside and a felt strip running along the ceiling. The door closes against both felt strips and certainly no water or air whistle thru.