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Yesterday I drained the radiator on my 37 Hudson series 73 coupe. It was definitely not the right color & there was a scum/slime inside as well. Very odd since I had done a very thorough flush in March of 2020.

Today I decided to drain the block before I ran a bottle of radiator flush in it. Surprisingly coolant came out bright green, which is how the radiator should have been. Immediately I knew coolant wasn’t circulating, so it was either a stuck closed thermostat (only 4 years old) or the water pump.

Since the water pump hasn’t been rebuilt I’m guessing the pump will be the problem. However, I’ve not seen this before so is it likely the impeller is spinning on the shaft? (Assuming the blades are all there). Additionally, the one pump kit I have looks like it excludes my series 73 coupe, any idea why? I’ve already emailed Jeremy to see if he can help me with a rebuild of the pump if needed.


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    Comparing my 37 Hudson series 73 6cyl coupe to my 37 Hudson series 74 8cyl sedan I’m finding the same measurements on the water pump length. Which is odd considering what the factory parts book shows for pumps. Unless the 74-78 (less 73) series vehicles had the bypass pump & the others didn’t.

    Hopefully someone has gone down this road to know the nuances of these pumps & what’s listed by Hudson.

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