37 Hudson AutoBody Manual

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Has anyone ever seen a 37 Hudson autobody manual or any autobody manual that even discusses it? I’m pulling the front clip off, making some repairs & restoration. When done I need to put it back together, hopefully as accurately as possible.


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    I don't recall ever seeing a factory body manual (besides the parts manual). Possibly some individual might have put one together in recent years, but nothing from the factory.

    You refer to the "front clip". I've never heard of removing or re-installing a one-piece clip (you may know this already). You'd have to remove (one by one) the two fenders, the two hood halves, the grille shell (that covers the radiator), the grille itself, the stay rods, the pan between the fenders, and the two inner fenders. Also the sod pans on the frame, if your car still has them. Don't forget that that you need the large rubber fender welting that runs between each fender and the grille shell; I think Doug Wildrick sells that.

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    Oh my gosh, obviously the front clip on the 37 Hudson is not a one piece item. 😂

    The front end of the car (windshield forward) can be referred to as the front clip & easily to type than listing every part. I didn’t think anyone would not understand what was being said & referred to but obviously I was wrong!

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