308 rebuild in Australia

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Several months ago had the timing chain skip a few teeth so decided it was time for a rebuild. Had a 308 block ready for rebuild so heres a few photos for you. Car is 52 Wasp brougham

Removing the old lump

cleaning up ports a bit hydraulic lifters being installed as headers are going to be fitted

Big holes

Massive heavy crank getting a wash

Crank installed

Deburring caps. They were amazingly rough lots of sharp edges etc had to do same to block and inside oil pump

This is before clean up

Installing lifters

Hopefully non leaking rear main

New pistons going in

Double row timing chain no more jumping teeth

Back together

Almost ready to go in

Just waiting on headers being powder coated and oil lines being made up.

Will post more pics soon


  • Glowplug
    Glowplug Expert Adviser

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • stevepet
    stevepet Member

    Big shout out to Ken Ufheil without him would not have been able to get this done. The man is a legend.

  • 54coupe
    54coupe Member

    Good decision on the timing chain upgrade.

  • railknight
    railknight Expert Adviser

    Sharp looking 308 engine. "Happy Motoring!"

  • That's the cleanest parts washer I've ever seen.

  • stevepet
    stevepet Member

    Nearly all back together.

  • terraplane8
    terraplane8 Senior Contributor

    Very nice. What compression and fuel are you running?

  • compression around 8:1 use premiom pump petrol

  • Headers all fitted

    New oil lines

    Motor ready to be dropped in. Happening this weekend

  • TwinSupercharged
    TwinSupercharged Expert Adviser

    Stevepet, Please note the closeness of the fuel line to the exhaust header. Shape around or insulate to avoid vapor lock.

  • Thanks mate

    Trick of photography I have about 7 cm of clearance.

    Thanks for your concern