"two fat guys and a hudson hornet" - bluegrass tune

never know what you'll find on you tube - the title of the song may be "two fat men in a hudson hornet" - excellent blue grass ensemble!!! - may be by randall hylton - check it out:



  • atc
    atc Member

    Love it!

  • Holy crap, that is funny shit. You can’t make that up. I love it

  • Jon B
    Jon B Administrator

    Many years ago, at one of Doc's Apple Blossom Meets (the former Eastern Regional), the meet organizers hired Randall to come out and serenade us with this, and other songs.

  • is Randall the mandolin player in the you tube video?

    great playing all the way around and huge dedication from vocalist with leg cast in wheelchair!

  • drivergo2
    drivergo2 Expert Adviser

    Great tune Cheyenne is right you can’t make this stuff up .

  • but someone made up aka wrote the music and lyrics!

  • Old Fogey UK
    Old Fogey UK Expert Adviser

    I think I still have somewhere a cassette of Randall Hilton songs that I bought at an Eastern Regional in 1998.

    If anyone wants it (and provided I can find it !), you can have it for the mailing cost.

    By the way, I heard him sing the Hudson song live at that Eastern Regional and the words he sang then weren't "fat guys" but something that wouldn't be politically correct these days ! 😉