Bad Brad is at it again

MickeyB Member

If you've seen this fellow on TV, he customizes cars in Canada, I happened to find a bit on the internet where he found a '36 Terraplane that had been in a garage for 50 years. First part of the film is him driving to get the car and him explaining what he wants to do to it. It's a 4 door and he's thinking of making it a coupe like he did with a '30s Pontiac he had. Upon arrival at the car, he's met by the family that has owned it since new. The car is uncovered and is really in great condition! Totally complete with VERY minimal rust. Beautiful unblemished grille. Talks to the 80 year old gent that got his drivers permit in the car, etc. The old gent had kept the engine free by putting oil in the cylinders and rotating it once in a while. Loads the car on a trailer and off he goes.....never once telling the people his plans for the car. He is asked several times about it being in a "museum" and he assures them that is the case.

Not at all sure I want to see what he does with this car....