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I have had my starter gone thru and refreshed. I am told I need to look for another armature or starter because the commutator on my starter is thin. My question is this....are the armatures from the starters of the same era the same?

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  • Lance
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    There are similar armatures from other makes that would interchange with your car . Autolite was the primary electrical supplier to Hudson and as such they had a good bit of similarities with Mopar . Many items will interchange with Hudson electrical components . Problem is how many 39 Dodge starters are there left to interchange? Is your armature an MAB 2113? If so I think I can help.

  • KEL 39
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    As you can see the same armature is used from 1935 to 1947 most models.

    Just about all starters are interchangeable to 1947 except for the location of the solenoid.

    Ivan L.


  • Val
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    Yes, according to the 1939 Electrical Service Bulletin it is MAB 2113 and the starter is MAB4075.

  • Jon B
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    I happen to have a 1939 AutoLite parts numbers book. MAB-2113 appears to interchange with no other starters besides Hudson or Terraplane. So, no interchangeability to Ford, Dodge, etc.

    However, here's a used one on Ebay:

  • Val
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    Thanks to all who replied, greatly appreciated.