Acid cleaning of car body.

Does anyone know of the possible cost to dip a car body and acid to clean it? I'm only asking to see if it's possible or what the price would be.

I'd like to make sure there's no other damage to the body of my car before I start putting it together


  • sshftn
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    I’m interested in this too. But I’ve read that if there are body seams or gaps where the manufacturer might’ve put seam sealer, acid dipping will remove the sealer. There would be no way to replace it unless it was pulled apart again


  • Club Coupe
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    I had my Pacemaker Coupe dipped when it was being restored and all apart and wouldn't hesitate to do it again if I was building another car. It does take off the seam sealer lead and anything else but the metal. Replacing the seam sealer was no problem as the car was apart. This was done about 12 years ago and cost $3500.00. The pride would likely be double that today.

  • MickeyB
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    Around my area, Detroit, Michigan, I doubt there is any place left that can do a body or partial body dip. I had my '47 convert body dipped about 1980. After that it became much harder to find places to do that as the disposal of the chemicals and the regulations regarding them became VERY prohibitive.

  • ratlee2
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    Here is a place in Kalamazoo MI. Don't know if they can do whole bodies, but I know they can do jeep frames. Their DIY page on their website gives typical prices.

  • Toddh
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    3S Chemicals in Nanty-glo, PA. They have a YouTube channel called “Minute of Dangle” where the show various antique autos being dipped