Stepdown trunk - are there any with push button or twist handles, NOT Key-Only?

1951 Hudson Super Six

I'm tired of always having to get the key ring to open the trunk. Did Hudson have any models that used a handle or push button to open the trunk -- and that I could swap into my car?



  • 54coupe
    54coupe Member

    I believe 48-49 Super series, and 50-51 Pacemaker all used a twist handle.

  • ski4life65
    ski4life65 Expert Adviser

    I have a 1949 and 1950 and they have this handle (I stole picture from internet because I am too lazy to go to the garage and take a picture LOL)

  • My 48 super 6 is currently completely dismantled. I'd actually have to look at how my handle works. I believe I have a twist handle on mine

  • 50 Super is also handle type