What Hudsons are REALLY selling for...

Jon B
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I just stumbled onto this website, USA VEHICLES SALES HISTORY https://bid.cars/en/automobile/huds/page/1, which appears to list the actual selling prices for Hudsons sold at salvage auctions or sales in the U.S. Some of the cars are wrecked while some appear to be in pretty good shape. It's evidently written for the benefit of non-U.S. inhabitants anxious to purchase American cars and ship them to other lands, because it contains all sorts of figures on shipping costs, import taxes, etc.

Of course the list will be updated when more cars are sold. Selling prices are shown in the version linked above, while in other versions of the page the price isn't shown ("Log in to see the final bill"). I believe that the link above, will take you to the version with the actual selling prices posted.


  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor

    Looks like a couple of nice coupes went fairly cheap!

  • VicTor Z
    VicTor Z Senior Contributor

    '54 Burnt Hudson Convertible had an Edmunds Head!

  • AndrewSilva
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    Good eye Victor and I believe a two/two Edmunds intake but fortunately we didn’t lose a convert just a coupe. Terrible nonetheless. A short wheelbase 54 is high on my want list.

  • VicTor Z
    VicTor Z Senior Contributor

    Andrew! You are the ONE with "Good Eye", !