More shenanigans (water pump edition)

GrimGreaser Senior Contributor
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How'd that get there?


  • GrimGreaser
    GrimGreaser Senior Contributor

    Anyway... that's a Ford 300 water pump stuck on with some adapter plates I designed and had machined. So far, so good. 😃

  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor

    Looks good!

  • Thought I recognized that pump. Looks good. What was your reason for going this route ?

  • GrimGreaser
    GrimGreaser Senior Contributor

    Bearings on my original pump went out, and while brand new pumps are available, I figured I would see what I could do. Maybe get a little more coolant flow with a newer pump with bigger impeller. First looked at using the Ford 'cartridge' pumps but working out the inlet got messy. Then looked at Chevy 292 and Ford 300 pumps as the impeller fit directly into the block and they had an inlet built in. Went with the Ford pump because, well, it just 'felt right'.

  • Not for anything, but the man that designed the big Hudson 6s, was designing an OHV-6 while at a Hudson. After the merger he left Hudson and went to Ford, so the two engines have the same creator.