WLS Headliners question

I'm looking at WLS headliners out of New Jersey online. They list cloth headliners for some Hudson models but I'm not sure of the accuracy of their listings.

Has anyone used them? How are their products?

I'm looking for a headliner for my 49 Super Six coupe which has 6 bows and 7 panels. I'm only seeing Commodore 2 door sedan listings or Pacemaker Coupe and those do not have the same amount of bows/panels as my coupe. There is a listing for a Pacemaker 2 door sedan which does show 6 bows and 7 panels but not sure if that would fit a coupe.

The Hudson listings are mainly on their page 14 but a 38-47 Hudson is shown on page 11.

Anyone have any experience with this company?


  • stev1955
    stev1955 Expert Adviser

    I've used them for the headliner for my '30 Essex Touring Sedan. The picture they show as an example vehicle for that headliner is actually my car as they asked me to send a picture for their website. I can't speak for any model other than mine but the measurements were right for my car and the material seems fine as mine still looks good after 10 years, I think it's been, since I did it. At least that's my experience.