Bell housing grease fitting

On my bell housing there is a grease fitting that lines up with the throw out bearing housing. This fitting is on the opposite side of the bell crank that operates the throw out bearing. If needed, I can get pictures of the fitting I'm asking about.

Thanks everyone



  • What are you asking about it?

  • I will get a few pictures to show everyone what I'm asking about

  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor

    I know what your'e talking about, but like blondie, I want to know what your question is???

  • What is the purpose of the grease fitting to push grease into the throw out bearing retainer housing actually for? I can see that the hole is in front of the seal in the throw out bearing housing

  • Those are to grease the cross-shaft bushings.

  • I've looked from all angles and that grease fitting doesn't contact the cross shaft bushings at all

  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor

    Sorry to disagree, it has nothing to do with the cross shaft, but to supply grease to the throw-out bearing. I have had my Essex for 68 years, and have NEVER used this grease fitting. Enough fluid leaks through from the clutch to take care of the bearing.

  • Thanks for the information. Greasing the the throw out bearing makes sense to me

  • Old Fogey UK
    Old Fogey UK Expert Adviser

    If you put grease through that fitting, it seems to just drop onto the bottom of the bell housing, nowhere near the throw out bearing 😒.

    The Railton Owners Club's tech advice is to ignore that grease fitting because the the throw out bearing lasts for ages even without lubrication and the worst you'll get is a noisy bearing that still holds up for a long, long time.

    I haven't put this to the test but still pump the grease in hoping a bit will hit the bearing every now and again !