1937 cowl ventilator

I am trying to assemble the cowl vent that someone else took apart. The vent has two arms and each one has two oblong slots. On the underside of the cowl are two more arms welded to the body and each of this have oblong slots. With the vent laying in the closed position, none of the slots in the arms align with each other. Am I missing a part for each arm? How does this go together? I have the shop manual but can’t find anything. Thanks in advance for the replies.


  • Jon B
    Jon B Administrator

    My car is somewhat inaccessible at the moment, and I don't fully recall how it all goes together. But you haven't mentioned the lever that raises and lowers the "scoop". Possibly when you have all the components (including the lever) together, it will become clear just how all those slots and arms and levers fit together! I'm sure the elongated slots are meant for adjustment.

  • I have the lever to raise the vent and it is mounted to the dash.

  • jjbubaboy
    jjbubaboy Senior Contributor

    Hey James,

    Heres a couple pics of mine on a 36T. Hope you can make them out, and it helps!


  • sshftn
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    Here’s a different angle on my 36, hopefully gives more perspective