Across the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco scenes in a 1953 Hudson Hornet !!!

a few months ago, my wife traveled to san francisco for a convention, leaving me with our 6 and 7 year old kids

- the weather was unseasonably warm, the passes were clear, so i decided to drive our '53 Hudson Hornet sedan with the kids from seattle to san francisco, over two days, to meet up with my spouse, for a few days in san francisco

- then, my wife and kids flew home with me driving back to seattle - approx 850 miles that day - i timed it so i picked them up at seatac airport in Hudson driving home

- the following are links to some of my you tube videos from the ride back:

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- the Hudson ran great with a minor mechanical issue caused by a new gas cap - besides our routine mountain passes, the Hudson facilitated the kids experiencing in and out burger, giant redwoods, pacific ocean, golden gate bridge, dozens of folks waving, dozens of folks speaking to my kids at stops, crazy wet weather in san francisco, and my daughter only got car sick once (upholstery saved by the fluid proof dog seat cover under their booster seats!)

- besides a GPS, another nod to technology (and my sanity) was the purchase of an inexpensive pair of screens, headphones, and a DVD player to keep the kids happy when needed - we have several more trips planned in the Hudson before winter comes back

- it's fantastic actually driving these classic cars regularly vs just regularly going to a meeting to talk about classic cars (yawn), especially when folks say it's the first time they ever saw a Hudson in person

- get out and drive them, if you have them, and they run - if they don't run, fix em and drive!

- thanks for looking!!!!


  • Glowplug
    Glowplug Expert Adviser

    Another great post.... your point about driving Hudson cars is SPOT ON!

  • thanks!

  • Even resurrected originals, when they’re combed through and the perishable stuff is replaced, they are very durable and dependable. I drive mine like I like I stole it, keeps up w traffic fine and stops on a dime w drum brakes. DRIVE THEM!!!