Spokane quick road trip, birthday, and wedding for 1953 Hudson Hornet!

a few weeks ago, i drove out from seattle to spokane for a mechanic/buddy's 60th b-day party - over 100 folks showed up, but none, except me, drove an interesting classic car because of a surprise snow storm that day

- it was a great drive just above freezing temps, lots of big snowflakes, nothing sticking until spokane - i really drove slow, but no issues, and everything went great

- i stayed on probably the nicest and most secure block in spokane where the FBI and AG offices are located - photos attached

- the next morning (sunday), there was a wedding nearby - i watched the bride, groom, lots of photographers slowly approach as i got my Hudson ready to drive back to seattle - i was asked if newly weds could use my Hudson as a prop - it would really slow down my schedule, but no problem, and over an hour later, done with the photos!

- i left my iphone in the Hudson during the shoot, so no photos from me, but a photographer gave me her contact info, so hopefully, i'll see some shots

- great drive about 600 miles round trip, but easy to complete in approx 4 hours each way, weather allowing

- thanks for looking!


  • Glowplug
    Glowplug Expert Adviser

    Thanks for sharing your trip and pictures.

  • atc
    atc Member

    Keep. Them. Rolling! I love road trip updates like these. Great pictures too. I had the opportunity to drive a couple to their wedding and take pictures for them and they were so appreciative. Meet great people when you hit the road in a Hudson.

  • thanks guys!