Update on Twin H2 Intake Manifold

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Here is the latest!!


  • The caster is about a month off schedule due to a backlog of work. Not a big surprise, but it will delay getting our qualification samples until next month and probably production until June. I am still hopeful we will be shipping before the international meet in July in Erie.
  • We are making good progress on the linkage kit. Attached is a photo of our latest mockup. The final version will be a bit different, but very similar. Erik has designed a custom bracket for the Weber carbs that we will have machined. Right now we are working only with the 3D printed model so some changes when we get the qualification manifolds is expected, but we should have it ready by the time the production manifolds ship.
  • I have been asked to make carb studs available with the manifold. We probably will have this as an option with the manifold for those that want them. I try not to make sell things that are generally available elsewhere, but I understand the desire to have studs ready when you get the manifold since there are various lengths and sizes.
  • We made the minimum quantity needed to get the Weber DGES Carb kits from Redline at a group buy price. For those that are on the list I will be sending out the invoice for your carbs later this week. When I get them we will do this like the head and I will calculate the shipping and handling, send you an email and ship out once payment has been received. I am thinking these will ship in late May, probably before your manifold.
  • For those that wanting to go with port fuel injection please contact Bill Hamilton at Hamilton Fuel Injection so he can be working with you and what will be needed.
  • Although we have the finned custom air cleaner tops designed, we are going to put these on the backburner until we have the manifolds done. There are too many moving parts at the moment to put these into the mix. You can use the air cleaner top that comes with the Weber kit until the cast one is ready. My guess expect August/Sept for these.
  • I am planning to make another run of heads this fall, for winter delivery. I have several orders already so if you want another head or know someone that does have them contact me. After this one I doubt there will be another run for quite a while, if ever.


Thanks for your support!


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