262 rings

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My neighbors kids (ages 9 and 11) are really interested in Hudson's and engines. I gave them a 1952 262 to take apart and put back together (their dad is sorta helping). They discovered that one of the piston ring pins came out and destroyed the piston and rings. I have a new .005 piston to give them, but don't have any rings sitting around. Does anyone have a set of standard size rings (for one piston), or a complete used piston with rings they can spare? This is just a fun project to try to get a new generation into the old car hobby. The goal for them is to just get the engine running and feel the excitement. Obviously it is not a rebuild but more of a lesson in how engines are put together and how they work.


  • If you send me the Hudson part # I’ll see If I have a set. I have about 200 sets of N.O.S.Hudson rings.

  • engr1962
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    I have a few extra standard ring sets that I am not going to use if you send me where to I can mail you a set.