Tire pressure for radials

Hi everybody! This question has probably been asked dozens of times, but what tire pressure would you use for radial tires on a stepdown? I have a '51 Pacemaker and I am running Diamond Back Auburn Deluxe radials size 710R15. Thanks!


  • ratlee2
    ratlee2 Expert Adviser

    I run Diamondback I tires with a 3" whitewall in a 225/75R15. When I reached out to Diamondback and asked if I need to run a higher tire pressure to keep the wide whitewall from separating, they recommended keeping them at 40PSI. That seemed a bit high, so I bumped them back to 38PSI.

  • atc
    atc Member

    Yes, I also have Diamond Back radials (wide whites, 215/75R15) on my Hornet. They are high inflation high speed tires and DB recommended 44-46 pounds for my application. Their motivation is keeping the white wall straight and prevent separating.

    WABOOM Member

    Interesting. I have DB's on my Hornet and actually made a warranty claim for bubbled white walls, they replaced the 2 affected tires. But they never mentioned tire pressure.

  • atc
    atc Member

    This is the tire I'm using. It talks about speed ratings and specifies the inflation rating of 44PSI.

    It's probably worth talking to a rep to be sure what's right for you. I dont know if OP is using these or not of course!