46 Super charging curcuit

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Have my 46 212 wired with my VRR4001A regulator since I found the pin marking. Shorted B to A to polarize the system. Started the car, GEN light goes out, it is charging at about 30 Amp, but when I turn off the key, the main relay STAYS CLOSED. This leaves the battery to the Amature of the generator and the generator is not very happy about that. Luckily I had the cover off of the regulator when that happened and could pop it open before the generator burned up.

With only the battery connected to the regulator, I find that if I manually close the main relay, it will stay closed. I can't see how this is a good idea, and is likely why mine is getting stuck close when running the engine.

Does this mean I have a short in my regulator? Or something else wrong?

This silly charge system is kicking my butt!



  • Geoff
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    The regulator needs a thorough check over. It should not charge 30 amps all the time, only for a very brief period after starting, and the voltage regulator should kick in and reduce the charge rate. If you don't know what you are doing, don't fiddle with it, get a qualified auto-electrician to do it.

  • engr1962
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    Just to let anyone know who reads these postings, I found the problem with my charging circuit. When the generator was rebuilt (GEC4801A) there are two wires that screw onto two of the 3 brushes. One from the field coil and one from the arm stud. They were installed backwards. I found a drawing from 1939 from autolite that showed the wiring diagram of the generator, that is how I determined it was backwards.

    It works now. Thanks to all who read!


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    Thanks for posting.