Twin H throttle linkage question.

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My 54 Hornet has a spring mechanism on the throttle rod that I haven't seen any references to in the service manual nor have I seen photos of it online. Transmission is the DG200 automatic. Does anyone know if this is correct? What is its purpose? I was wondering if it serves a function similar to a dash pot to delay the rpm drop when letting off the gas.

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    When I got my '56 block I got one of those sprung throttle rods... putting it into my '52, I used my old solid rod when first installing. Fast forward a few years, I was trouble shooting Hydro/engine troubles and found that the solid rod would not allow full throttle before stopping on the Hydramatic throttle valve stops. The sprung rod allowes me to get full-throttle when the Hydro throttle valve bottoms out.

    Is this correct? Hell if I know, I couldn't find any info either... But it runs better. And time has erased my feel for how it ran with my old '52 engine and the solid throttle rod...

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    Thanks for the insight.