Prefocus headlight bulbs

snowshoe90aolcom Expert Adviser

I've cleaned out an uncles two stall garage and came across a box of old prefocus base headlight bulbs....10 to a box, 31 boxes. Some do not have the prefocus base but the majority do. Mostly Tung-Sol but there are two boxes of Eveready (GE). If anybody needs one, two, ten, fifty etc give me a shout. The numbers on the individual boxes are:

Tung-Sol- 2331,1124,1183,2530,1000,2531,1503


each box has 10 bulbs in it with most having dual candle power of 32/32 with a couple boxes having a candle power of 50/32 and the box of 1503 are single filament 50CP. The 1183's are the ones without the prefocus base and are a single filament 50 CP. Thanks, Terry