46 Rear spring front bolt going through opening

Hi all, I’m in the middle of putting my 46 pickup back together and when I went to put the rear spring bolts it, which were in before and fit seems to be too small and is going into the opening now on one side. The other side is wider than the opening and does not go through. What can I do to fix this? Here are some photos of the bad side and the good side to try and show what I am talking about. Any insight or advice is much appreciated.

Bad side going through the opening:

Good side wider then the opening:



  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor

    Looks like the collar is limiting on the edge of the opening. You need to apply some force upwards to get it into place.

  • Thanks, Geoff; I'll try that when I get some time in the garage next! Your advice on the rubber shackles for the rear of the springs worked perfectly!

  • No matter what I do, I cannot get these shoulder bolts to not slip into the opening, but upon reading the manual further, I am wondering if that is how it is supposed to be?

    From the manual:

    A shoulder pin with a round head is used, the top of which sets flush in the pressed steel bracket and the other end is threaded. The pin is pressed through two rubber bushings fitted in the spring eye. A lockwasher and nut are used to lock the pin and bushings in place.

    So I guess my question is now, are they supposed to sit within the hole and be flush? And this image I posted of the bad one is actually how they re supposed to be?

  • The new ones I have also do the same thing:

  • I figured out the issue. The mounting bracket had a slight bend on one side and after getting that back into place everything bolted up right and the pin would not be able to pull through as it seemed it could before.