1953 Super Wasp clock light

railknight Expert Adviser

While working underneath the dash of my Hudson Super Wasp I found the apparent bulb with socket for the clock dangling on its wire. I can't find where it goes with all the tight fittings underneath. Does it fit into a hole in the back of the clock or perhaps on some sort of clip? This apparently would also be the set up for 1951 and '52 Hudsons as they have the same dashboard. Thanks for any response! Dan


  • Lance
    Lance Member

    Dan, The light bulb socket you have dangling is indeed the socket for the clock. The socket should snap into the hole with the #55 bulb .

  • railknight
    railknight Expert Adviser

    Thanks Lance! Now I just have to find that hole by feel on the backside of the clock. I gather it's around the 6 o'clock position.