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pseftoncomcastnet Senior Contributor
Hello, does anyone know of a good online source for Upholstery foam for a Stepdown? I have a 1951 Commodore 4 DR sedan and am not finding anything locally. Thinking I need the ultra firm about 2 inches thick, but eager for tghoughts.

Peter sefton


  • Peter if you can't find any auto upholstery guys in your area for what you need, try furniture re upholsterers.
  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor
    Amazon sells upholstery foam at a reasonable price.  Various thicknesses are available.
  • jjbubaboy
    jjbubaboy Senior Contributor
    There's also a company called Sailrite that carries LOTS of upholstery stuff.

  • pseftoncomcastnet
    pseftoncomcastnet Senior Contributor
    I just dissected my front seat, which had been held together by an ancient vinyl  cover.

    Above the bench spring bed there is an upholstery sandwich whose bottom bread is the burlap sheet atop the springs The filling is a layer of coarse cloth batting that seems to have been glued to the backside of a muslin sheet that also wrapped the sides of the seat. The upper bread is a very thin piece of foam, maybe an inch high,  that was glued to the top of the  muslin sheet. The whole sandwich was held together by hog rings that hook both the burlap and muslin sheets to the seat frame crossmembers.

    Wondering if anyone has rebuilt their seat by substituting a thicker slab of foam for the fabric batting. If so, what thickness did you use? I am thinking 2 inches, but so much of the original foam and batting have decomposed that this might be an under-estimate.

    Thank you for all the tips so far!

    peter s.
  • ratlee2
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    Joann Fabrics sells high density seat foam (green) in both 1" and 2".  They come in 24" widths and usually they have precut pieces in 2 yard lengths.  I have done a couple of cars, one in 2" and one in 1".  The 2" was more difficult to work with.  Also Joann fabrics will ship and frequently has coupons available as well.
  • pseftoncomcastnet
    pseftoncomcastnet Senior Contributor
    great lead on Joann's. I am hoping to dispense with the fabric batting. Among other things, it makes my hands itch like crazy. i'm thinking that maybe I can substitute the 2 inch foam for the batting and original 1 inch foam sandwich. I'd glue the new foam to the top side of a new muslin sheet and then use the original method of hog ringing the muslin sheet and underlying burlap to the seat frame. I guess I would cut foam to sub for the batting that underlies the muslin sheet on the sides.  Does that sound anything like your method?
  • jefco upholstery dudley ma,

  • Nice description of your observations. Did you happen to also take pictures of the dissection while in progress? Posting this type of information for future reference is important.

  • pseftoncomcastnet
    pseftoncomcastnet Senior Contributor

    I should have but didn't