Jag IFS in my Hudson



  • That's going to look pretty cool with the pipes exiting the fender aprons like that.👍
  • Sharp! Looks like you designed in plenty of room to access to the plugs. That's key. Assume access to the oil filter is also a non -issue.  
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  • The first two photos are the passenger side inner fender. There is a big indentation where the upper control arm went through. The driver’s side was similar, and didn’t work well for my car. So I cut it out, and am replacing it with something I can work with. A little more hand file work, and the fit will be good for welding. Then I can cut it to fit around the headers.
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  • great workmanship

  • Getting closer to what I’m looking for.
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    I'd venture to say even Dan Lemons would be impressed! (for the uninitiated search,  "Lemons Headers").
  • Very nice of you, Robert. Thank you.
  • Oorah Devil Dog! Looking forward to seeing it pull into the annual meet!!
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    Yesterday, I got the brake pedal and master cylinders. The engine compartment looks cleaner without them, but I really don’t like the under the floor arrangement.this setup doesn’t use much real estate, and no booster either.
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    Purely mechanical. Good choice! Would appreciate seeing pics once installed.

  • Just about finished with the brake pedal bracket.

  • Edit.
  • looking great!

  • The pedal bracket is done and mounted, including a rod back to the dash for support  like Hudson did. I did have to remove the cowl vent handle, but with modern heat and air conditioning, I wasn’t planning on it being functional anyway.
  • I wonder if it's worthwhile relocating the cowl vent linkage mechanism to the other side of the box? Requires more fabrication work but heck you've successfully completed much harder jobs. Suggest checking into this option while installing the AC evaporator (assuming you'll locate it under the dash and behind the glovebox). Food for thought...
  • StepUp, maybe I can adapt something like a power window lift motor to it, and open and close it that way.
  • Yep, one that has limited rotation travel.

  • Not a lot of progress lately, as I’ve been occupied with other things. Getting all the splash guards trimmed to fit around the headers. The white piece of poster board I’d the pattern for the final piece of the right side inner fender. I need to pick up more steel so I can make that piece. Then it all comes back off for cleanup and paint. (Maybe powder coat)

  • All welded and trimmed up.

  • I thought I posted this one too.

  • I picked up some butyl based thermal and sound barrier. I experimented on what I thought was going to be the most difficult part of the floor. There are a lot of pieces on there, but it is fully covered, except where the accelerator pedal goes, and there are no overlapping pieces. About 6-7 hours work.
  • Did you install it on both sides or only the outside? It looks like the outside but maybe the shadows are throwing me off. 
  • It’s on the inside.
  • Inside makes more sense...The shadows in the picture are still playing with my eyes but so be it. 
  • Adapting a 67 Cadillac tilt and telescoping column to accept my Hudson steering wheel. Half way there.

  • Done, except for making it look pretty.

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    I took the instrument cluster all part, so I could put in new gauges. Volts and fuel level on the left. GPS speedometer in the middle. Water temp and oil pressure on the right. The fuel gauge is programmable for eight different ohm ranges. When ordering, everything on the gauge faces and needles is customizable. You can even have a custom logo printed on them, if you want. Turn and high beam indicators are in the speedo.

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    Black wrinkle paint.