Announcing the 1948 Hudson

PaulButler Administrator
This a brochure announcing the 1948 Hudson - this is with the kind permission of the HET Historical Society which can be found here:


  • Very cool. It really illustrates the difference in car buyers then and now. Can you image advertising something as specific as the function of the exhaust heat valve to today's public? Most drivers today can't fill their own washer fluid tank. 🙄 
  • jjbubaboy
    jjbubaboy Senior Contributor
    Or turn on the headlights!!
  • That address is now occupied by Harbor Freight.
  • I've tracked down a couple former Hudson dealerships in my area. It's always interesting to see what's there. One is still a car dealership, but the original buildings gone. The other still has the buildings but hasn't been a dealership since the 70s.