7X trunk emblem

Hello all,

Can someone show me what the 7X trunk emblem actually looks like. I have spent the last couple of hours looking online to find out what the 7X trunk emblem looks like. Hope someone can show me what that emblem looks like. I have all the rest of the parts for the hornet emblems for a 1950 Hudson hornet. I'm building the 7x engine for my car and I would like to know what the emblem looks like and maybe try and find one.

Thanks, Wookie


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    I'm interested in hearing others chime in but I've never seen a "7X" emblem.  There are plenty of "Twin H" emblems adorning trunks.
  • 54coupe
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    In my nearly 50 year association with Hudsons, I've never seen, or heard of a 7X emblem. Also, the Hornet didn't come out until 1951.
  • 5433HET
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    I've never heard of a factory 7X badge, nor does the parts book show any.  I HAVE seen homemade 7X badges, made from cougar XR-7 emblems!
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    Yeah, I never witnessed a "7X emblem" on a Hudson Hornet either.  But who knows, maybe they're out there! (LOL).
  • Not lol
  • Thanks for the input on what I asked about. It seems that I stumbled into a site that swore that it was real. This is why I asked those that know better. I only ask those know the truth.

    Long live the Hudson automobile 
  • Kdancy
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    With the capability of modern 3D printing, it should be very doable to make some up.
  • Now you have my interest. I'm building my 48 Super Six Club Coupe into clone 7x Hudson Hornet. I have all of the emblems for a 50 or 51 Hornet
  • 5433HET
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    Why spend money to  "make some up"?  They are readily available, even have the double sided tape on them!
  • I'm thinking more along the lines of Hudson 7x race team.
  • 5433HET
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    Oh a decal then? Not a emblem  like Twin H power. Sorry i misunderstood.
  • I'm thinking of emblems to go along with the rest of my emblems. I have all of the Hornet emblems for my car
  • 5433HET
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    "Hudson 7X race team" would be a huge emblem lol. Why not just "7X"
  • I'm really different and I sometimes like to stand out. it's a Marine thing
  • This is why I'm turning my 48 Club Coupe into a clone Club Coupe hornet with the 7x engine in it
  • GrimGreaser
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    Their individual letters aren't a bad price...

    Been meaning get "Country Squire" or "Ranch Wagon" to put on my Ford Flex...
  • Thanks for this GrimGreaser.
  • This is to all Hudson owners. Tell me what you think of this idea for a possible 7X trunk emblem. I have all of the Hornet emblems for a 50 Hornet. I'm thinking about using the trunk Hornet emblem which is aimed to the right side of the car. I'm thinking of using this emblem while replacing Hornet emblem with the 7X in the rocket emblem and have it aimed to the left side of the car but still on the trunk lid. 
    Thanks Wookie 
  • I'd like to hear from everyone about this emblem I'm planning to have made
  • That's BAD TO THE BONE! You make it, I buy it. Suggest no taller than 2".
  • It will be 4 inches tall and 5.25 inches wide
  • IMHO that is too big if it's meant to compliment original badging. But hey I understand go big or go home and applaud your creativity.  
  • Give me a suggestion for what may look more appropriate on size 
  • StepUp
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    Your proposed sizing was closer to the mark than mine. I'd recommend no larger than 4" tall by 3" wide based on the pics below of a '53 Hornet trunk emblem: Also note how the tips of the H seem to be curved away by velocity. I think I prefer the clean matter of fact look of your H instead ---better denotes Power?


  • StepUp
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    Plus your H isn't riding on a rocket...
  • There's a reason I can't use the Hornet emblem for what I plan to do. It's called copyright. Even though the car hasn't been made for 70 years the emblems are still trademarked. But the slanted h is from The Hornet itself. The guy helping me design it took the h and did that.
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    Sell a million of them and hire lawyers to settle copyright issues.  ;)
  • You game to one? Just asking
  • This is what the final emblem will look like. It will be 4 in tall and 3 in wide and at the angle presented. Is designed to go on the left side of the trunk with the angle.
  • bent metal
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    You can buy the BMW "X7" badges with a quick google search from several sources.  The X and 7 are individual letters and offered in chrome or black.