7X trunk emblem



  • I kinda prefer the Hornet 'H' look with 7X look in the bar
  • I wanted to use the rocket emblem but learned I can't because of copyright laws
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    Did you assume the rocket was still copyrighted or check the currency? Copyrights MUST be renewed and if that was not done you are a okay to do a repro. IF you know the original copyright you can look up ownership and status.  These emblems were reproduced by HET members in the past.  
  • This is being done by a third party. Send me your email on a private message and I'll send you what was sent to me
  • For those that want a bit of a history lesson. Hudson, Kaiser, and one other merged and became AMC. Years later AMC became Jeep Eagle. They were in turned were purchased by Chrysler. After the 2008 financial crisis, Chrysler was taken over by Fiat.

    Because of Walt Disney, I recently learned, copyright now lasts 95 years. I have this email from the  outfit that will be creating my 'H 7x' emblem. 

    This is the reason I cannot use the Hudson rocket emblem for my new project.

    Thanks Wookie 
  • Ken has educated me on the current rules of copyright laws. I may get my Hudson rocket emblem yet with the 7X in the rocket emblem 
  • Next question —-how much $ for a 7X? 
  • How does 58.00 sound? For the 
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    edited February 2023
    $58 is probably a fair price depending on the following:

    1. Material- metal or plastic?
    2. Thickness --raised surface or flat?
    3. Finish - shiny chrome, sinister black, or flat primer (for the customer's paint choice)?
    4. Mounting - adhesive backed, studs, or screw-in receptors?

  • It will be chrome and matte black. Mounting is unknown at this time 
  • Material?