Hudson engine hoist

I remembered (and found) a thread from 2014/15 about a engine hoist bracket.  Russell Chilton was going to have some made but the shop backed out, then Kerry Dancy took over and had a few made, but then the thread was closed.  Does anyone have any?  I'd like to get one.



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     Here are the blueprints you can take to a machine shop-

  • Kdancy
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    Picture of the lift plate
  • Thanks! The drawing notes say Super 6 but I thought it was for the straight 8?  Do you know if it fits the 8?

    36 H8
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    If I remember right, the 8 has a different bolt measurement.  I would check with Dr. Doug for confirmation.  Hope someone makes these, again.  If not, let me know, as I have a new shop/welders that I work with and they might be persuaded to make a run if there is enough interest.  

    The blueprints were actually drawn by my father, who grew up on a drafting table.  Sadly, he passed away last year.  

    We did make the prototype off of those drawings and it works flawlessly.  It is an exact copy of the lifts they used at the Hudson plant.  
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    Russell, sorry to hear about your father.  Those drawings looked fantastic!  I'll measure my 8 this weekend and see if it would fit.  Doug Wildrick has  a video of installing a splasher 8 into a stepdown using a similar bracket.
  • The 8’s had an entirely different head bolt pattern.
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    54 is correct there is no commonality between the H8 and I6 narrow or wide block.
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    The two 9/16 holes are attached to head studs?

    The four radii curves are cut to fit around spark plugs?

    What’s the 1 & 1/16 center hole for?


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    I combined the 4 blueprint scans posted above into one image and cleaned the image up a bit. Might make it easier to read for some.