46 Pickup Front Auto-Poise Bar (Sway? bar)

While I was working on stripping my frame, one thing I noticed in the mechanical procedures that are missing on my truck is the entire auto-poise setup. I'm assuming this is what Hudson called the sway bar? There is no bar or connectors. I see holes in the frame where it looks like the bracket goes according to the manual.

My questions are:

  1. Is the auto-poise bar being referenced in the mechanical procedures manual indeed the sway bar?
  2. Did the pickups not have a sway bar for some reason?
  3. If they did have a sway bar, where can I find a replacement for my truck?

Thank you!



  • I searched the forum a few times and didn’t see an answer before posting, but just stumbled upon a post answering my question searching for something. For anyone else who may be searching in the future. Trucks did not come from the factory with a sway bar. 

  • Lance , Will doing the brakes on my 46 truck the other day I noticed the my rear dif has the bracket on the drivers side for a rear sway bar. I didn’t see any attachment point for it on the frame. 
  • Hi Paul,

    My truck also has a mounting bracket on the axle that looks like it is for a rear sway bar. Also, I do not have any rear shock absorbers, which I also see in the mech procedures guide.

    From everything I've gathered, the trucks were pretty bare from the factory and did not have these parts originally installed.
  • LanceB
    LanceB Senior Contributor
    I have the sway bar on the front of my truck.

    And like the others here I see one of the brackets for the rear on the axle but not one on the frame.  I do have a rear sway bar though.

  • Looking for sway bar for 46 pickup. Now using bar from a Comadore 4 door. Does not feel heavy enough. Anything available that would be heavy duty. Thanks, Lon Baker